UTE DSW Power Plant at Sdom, Dead Sea Works

On 2013, ENGIS succeed selling CHINT transformers for UTE DSW project, the private owned power plant of Dead Sea Works, constructed by Abeinsa , EPC contractor.

Abeinsa, Abengoa’s business unit dedicated to engineering and construction in the energy and environment sectors.Abeinsa has 10 GW of installed power in conventional generation plants.


All 4 transformers: power transformers and auxiliary transformers were sourced from CHINT, including 250MW 161KV asset. Our partner’s engineers supported the client through all engineering process and site – plan decisions.

Design was flexible and fit to customer’s changeable decisions during production without extension in supply deadline. Design included SLD (and drawings) up to connection of transformers to the HV local panel.

Production timeline was short and efficient.

Our partner’s engineers supervise installation process of transformer and its accessories with Israeli teams till completion, final tests and commissioning.