Transformers Repair, Magnesium Dead Sea

ENGIS provides repair services for transformers.

Repair reports are saved in our ENGIS Customer’s login corner and cross checked with running tests we apply for each transformer.

That enables ENGIS to provide all transformer services and tests from A to Z  for our customers and create a broad overview on each transformer.


Magnesium Buchholz Repair      Magnesium transformer cleaning      Magnesium Filtering Machine


Magnesium Radiator Valve replasment      Magnesium Cable Disconnect


Actions we perform for transformers:

  1. Total oil draining,  and nitrogen insertion
  2. All bushing oil leakage repairs and gasket replacement
  3. Radiator disassembly, valves replacement and re-assembly
  4. Oil treatment (vacuum and heat)
  5. Transformer was re-energized after 5 days