Circuit Breaker Testing

We rely on circuit breakers to clear faults and protect other expensive assets.
Yet, under normal conditions, a breaker may only be in operation for less than ten minutes throughout its life. You test and maintain breakers so you know they can and will perform when they are needed. Discover the many ways we can support your circuit breaker maintenance program.

Perform dielectric, timing & motion, and partial discharge testing with our diagnostic test equipment. From the M4100 and M7100 analyzers, the TDR-series and its range of breaker-specific transducers and adapters, PD surveyors and online monitoring devices, we have a complete range of tools needed to assess the health and operation of circuit breakers.

Access unlimited expert consultation with a dedicated Doble Principal Engineer. We provide laboratory services to over 200 different types of analytical tests on liquid and solid insulating material.
More options include the Circuit Breaker Test & Maintenance Training Conference, client field seminars, committee meetings and conferences, web-based training, users groups and on-site training tailored to your team.

ENGIS Circuit Breaker testing service is included in the “Annual Service Book” that we provide for our customers.

Circuit Breaker test equipment