Transformer Maintenance Activities

Transformer Installation

We install transformers in our customer’s site , including radiators, bushings, conservator , accessories, piping and cabling works.

Maintenance and Repair

Leakage repair, gasket, bushing and valve replacement. refurbishment of Buchholtz relay, silica gel additive, oil sampling for oil tests in our corporation lab.

Oil improvement and filterization

  • Oil improvement is done by preventive oil treatment to ensure proper oil insulation level. We do this process by warming up the oil and ensure vacuum to remove humidity and gases.
  • Inhibitor additive: calculation of required inhibitor content and additive process according oil producer instructions and transfo4mer manufacturer regulations.
  • Oil Filterization: to prevent HV bushing breakdown.
  • Filterization is done at customer’s site from mobile piles:
    • after long storage to reserve transformer health,
    • After professional recommendation due to oil condition.