SFRA , Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer

We are proud to introduce a unique equipment , The M5400 Sweep Frequency Response Analysis test set to investigate mechanical integrity of transformers, reactors and other equipment consisting of windings.

Engis sold few units of the SFRA and plenty of services with this special tool which helps our clients to detect problems “inside ” the transformer.
If you measure the frequency response of a winding then you can identify winding movement.

The M5400 sends an excitation signal into the transformer and measures the returning signals. Comparing this response to baseline readings and results from similar units allows you to identify deviations and confirm internal mechanical problems.

The M5400 reduces the uncertainty about apparatus condition by providing solid evidence of mechanical integrity or winding movement. Use it to help determine how a transformer is deteriorating, if it can go back in service after a fault or if it has been damaged during transit.

Apply the M5400 during factory tests, after transportation, crane delivery, system faults or even routine maintenance in order to get a baseline test result for future evaluations.

Engis uses the M5400 as part of our off line electrical tests for transformers that are considered to be in risk.

SFRA Testing Equipment