Online Transformer Oil Conditioning System


Special system to save your Transformer Oil. USA Patent protected!

Our customers deal with daily multiple cases of their owned HV ASSETS.

One of the most important HV Assets, Power Transformer, sometimes faces oil problems such as high humidity and even sludge.

For HV ASSET Owners, we found a great solution: The Sentinel (ICU) ™.

The Sentinel (ICU) ™ offers a greatly improved online solution for the removal of moisture. No need to open the transformer and scrape the sludge! No need to connect oil reclamation plant for weeks

Because Sentinel (ICU) ™ uses the world’s most advanced adsorbent, it not only removes moisture, but it also removes acids and the polar compounds that form due to oxidation

Transformer life = Insulation life.

Control of moisture level and the byproducts of oxidation are essential if we want to maintain a transformer in a low risk, high reliability state.

The Sentinel (ICU)™ represents a quantum leap forward in transformer protection.

Using the revolutionary DrySphere™, Sentinel (ICU)™ is able to remove moisture as well as the byproducts of oxidation from the oil and from the paper insulation.

Sentinel (ICU)™ Benefits:

  • Low cost
  • Long life
  • Easy installation
  • Controls moisture
  • Prevents oxidation
  • Extends asset life
  • Increases reliability

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