On Line Monitoring

Get the data you need about asset condition

You need to make tactical and strategic decisions when it comes to managing critical assets. This requires the right data, which comes from having the appropriate tools for data collection and analysis. Engis offers a complete line of Doble’s on-line monitors that can analyze and alert you to changes in dissolved gas, moisture in oil, partial discharge, bushing health and tap changer condition.

We don’t just sell the On Line Monitoring device : we follow our customers by calibration, testing, annual service agreements and annual reports to analyze the data , which had been collected during the year. Our reports are part of the “Annual Service Book” that we provide for our customers.

These monitoring devices can be used individually or as an integrated platform. The key is the modular nature of these devices, which allows you to determine the level of condition monitoring you need for each asset so you can plan your monitoring program accordingly.

Engis offers today On Line Monitoring for main assets in your utility:

DoblePRIME for Transformers Condition Monitoring

On Line Monitoring test equipment