Condition Assessment

Transformer condition assessment services from Doble Power provide a solid foundation for effective maintenance programs based on industry best practices. No one can precisely answer when equipment will fail, but it’s essential to manage the risk. Whether evaluating an individual unit or a fleet of transformers, assessment is complex and requires experienced engineers, chemists and technicians using numerous evaluation criteria to establish transformer health or end-of-life (life residual assessment).

Life Residual Assessment

Sometimes companies need to assess life residual of its transformers community, to be able to manage their assets and have financial planning. Doble can easily do it and justify or postpone plans for new purchase or repair.

This service will include on line and off line tests:

  • Partial discharge (UHF), on-line.
  • IR and RFI survey, on –line.
  • Acoustic ,on-line.
  • Insulation condition (power factor, capacitance, insulation resistance) ,off-line.
  • Electrical/magnetic (winding resistance, excitation current) ,off-line.
  • Mechanical (SFRA, leakage reactance) ,off-line.

Typical benefits:

  • Unbiased, expert assessment of each asset including criticality and consequences of failure
  • Recommends maintenance strategies for each asset based on risk assessment
  • Enables limited maintenance budgets to be targeted toward critical and/or problematic units
  • Develops metrics to evaluate maintenance program effectiveness or improvement initiatives.

Asset Management Strategy

A transformer condition assessment from Doble is a process, not a one-time event. Customers can update the risk assessment either internally or with the help of Doble for annual budget preparation. The assessment generates recommended maintenance strategies and objectives which can be used to evaluate maintenance program effectiveness or improvement initiatives.

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