Testing & Maintenance


In the power industry, downtime is simply not acceptable. The implications can go beyond inconvenience, power failures can result in financial and reputational losses, not to mention compliance issues and fines. That’s why you need to get proactive about equipment testing, monitoring and diagnostics. It will allow you to identify problems before they become failures, potentially saving you massive amounts of resources and costs.

With an effective testing and diagnostic plan, you’ll be able to better manage risk, lower overall maintenance costs and improve budget planning. Leveraging market-leading Doble solutions, you’ll have the benefit of insight and analysis from the largest, most in-depth database in the industry. We’re also constantly exploring new technologies to increase your reliability. Our combination of testing and diagnostic tools; technology and consultative services; and mechanical repair services have helped our clients extend the lifetime of their assets and avoid costly service disruptions.

Adhering to the strictest regulations, including risk management standard PAS 55 and ISO 55000, we’re methodical in our approach. And we’ll pass on this expertise to your organization, elevating your own organization’s standards and awareness to testing, monitoring and diagnostics.

Increase the value of your assets, with:

Proactive Monitoring and Testing – uncovering unfolding issues so they can be addressed before they become failures or worse.

Extending Asset Lifetime – with ensuring that the proper maintenance is administered when and as needed, reducing wear and tear.

Reduced Insurance Premiums – by implementing a comprehensive testing and monitoring program, we’ll help you make the case for lower premiums.

Our Maintenance Plans


The periodic tests, the first test level to perform for your HV asset

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Predictive test level is an on line tests set , which is performed while your asset is running and energized

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The off line test level, usually, will be done when you receive suspicious results of the second test level

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