Taking leading role in Relay Testing Apparatus and Training

Since 2007, ENGIS had taken leading role in rely testing apparatus sales and training seminars for generation of engineers and technicians in Israel.

It all started in an Israel Electric Corp tender for few testing relay equipment for their substation maintenance teams. ENGIS won the tender together with Doble’s great performance and attractive price. ENGIS started to perform training seminars in Heftsiba School to IEC engineers ever since. Our teachersare first line experts with rich experience in writing test programs and investigating Comtrade files.

The need of relay testing equipment enjoyed growth when EPC companies found the great potential of A-Z services for large projects. Ever since, we are glad to serve also the most versatile and successful EPC companies in the market.

Doble acquisition of American company ENOSERV, allowed ENGIS to provide our Israeli customers with Big Data software to deal with enormous data of relay test results and practice.
That makes our Relay Testing Arena whole for the Israeli markettesters community.

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