PD GUARD system installation for Mitsubishi generator at OPC ROTEM

On 2015, OPC ROTEM awarded Engis to supply the Doble’sPD GUARD for permanent on line PD monitoring to the new Mitsubishi generator.

OPC Rotem IPP, a 440 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant at Mishor Rotem in Israel’s Negev Desert and supplies electricity since July 2013.

As being one of Israel’s first large-scale Independent Power Producer, OPC ROTEM commitment is to utilize latest technology and application to International standard ISO 55000 and PAS 55 for reliability of clean energy supply to Israel’s power grid.

From that reason, OPC ROTEM finds ENGIS, as partners in power. ENGIS will supply, install, commission test and train for the PD GUARD usage and configure using a computer, tablet or web-enabled device to monitor PD activity.

The PD-Guard™ continuously monitors partial discharge (PD) in rotating machines. The PD-Guard provides local alarms and will communicate data and notifications across standard interface channels. It analyzes RF emissions in the HF, VHF and lower UHF ranges.

  • PD GUARD will save costly equipment by quickly reacting to rapid insulation deterioration warnings, identify problem areas, diagnose the severity of the situation, plan action and intervention.
  • Plan for further testing, maintenance and replacements in a proactive, risk management approach.

ENGIS will provide multi-annual support:

  1. Collecting PD Guard’s annual results
  2. Provide detailed reportfor diagnosis and suggest action items for the generator treatment plan of coming year.