ENGIS – Your Partners in Power

AT any given time, you need to know the status of your fleet and the condition of all your assets. You need a partner who can bring clarity to the complexity. ENGIS is that partner.

Maintaining power is a dynamic process involving many moving parts and departments, from assets through field crews. It’s our job to make sure you can do yours. ENGIS is with you every day, every step of the way.

At the core of everything we do, Knowledgebase for HV Maintenance is an unmatched resource. Continually growing with over 12 Giga watt HV assets, data points sourced from electrical apparatus testing, it contains over 10 years of historical and comparative data. That powers the solutions and services we supply to the Israeli Energy industry. ENGIS provides you with predictive value to evaluate your assets. Is it are performing as per your design and intention?

We’re Powering-up Energy Possibilities

Our tools, technology, and services uncover indicators of developing faults, and provide actionable intelligence to help ensure your assets’ reliability. Whether you are in the field or the office, you’ll have the information you need, when you need it.

Knowledge is part of ENGIS’ DNA. Whether it is the knowledge of the repair team, renowned experts in their field, or the actual data in our Knowledgebase, this knowledge fuels everything we do.
This unmatched resource, powers the solutions, services, and knowledge we provide you as members of the ENGIS community.

We’ll ensure that you maximize the performance of your High Voltage assets

You need to understand the condition of your assets. ENGIS understands the way you work, the capability of your team and we build our diagnostic test equipment and software solutions to suit your operations and testing practices. Our role is to simplify the complexity you face and we do that by offering testing solutions for critical assets and scaling up through enterprise level solutions. Whether you need one testing device, several substation monitoring platforms, or a comprehensive risk management system, ENGIS has the answer.

Engis provides flexibility for your business, with solutions and service levels that fit your procurement models. So now you can invest capital resources wisely across the asset ownership cycle.

Choose ENGIS Annual Maintenance Program to correspond your HV asset’s needs with your team actions in field.

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