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PV Panel

ENGIS sells in Israel ASTRONERGY PV Panel, Tier1 Manufacturer since 2014. We are one of the noted PV panel suppliers in Israel. ASTRONERGY, Part of CHINT group, specializes in cutting-edge research, development and production of solar modules. It is the first large scale producer of high-efficiency thin film PV modules in mainland China, and has been a trusted provider of mono crystalline and polycrystalline PV modules since its founding in 2006. Astronergy is committed to technological innovation in our products and our solutions.

Thanks to the strong relations with CHINT GROUP, and the growing solar market in Israel, ENGIS decided to enter the solar market with ASTRONERGY PV panels during late 2013. Since then, ENGIS participate in the largest infrastructure solar projects in Israel band joining Israeli entrepreneurs as developers and EPC in global solar projects.

Joining the enthusiastic team at ASTRONERGY to provide Solar-Solution to our customers, lead us to the top potential partners for companies in the market: developers, contractors and designers. Our strength and flexibility are firm assets of our clients.

PV Panel Specifications

ASTRONERGY state-of-the-art production lines produce solar cells from high quality silicon wafers and assemble these cells into solar modules of varying dimensions.

ASTRONERGY offer a wide range of efficient and reliable mono crystalline PV modules with output ranging from 95W-310W and applicable to a wide array of photovoltaic projects. Our polycrystalline modules have output ranging from 145W-325W.

+ NOVA II CHSM6610M. For Data sheet, press here:

+ VIOLIN II CHSM6612P. For Data sheet, press here:

+ DIAMOND CHSM6612P. For data sheet , press here:

+CHSM6612P 45mm. For data sheet, press here:

+CHSM6612P 40mm. For data sheet, press here: