Solar Power Stations Equipment


ENGIS sells in Israel Chint Power Systems Inverters for the solar market, since 2013. Shanghai Chint Power Systems is a solar power system solution provider, designing, manufacturing, and supplying high reliability 1kW~2MW PV inverters and power solutions for customers. An international senior management team, experienced and solid research and development resources, advanced component control and design-for-reliability, strong financial support from Chint Group, and inheritance of Chint 30 years’ manufacturing experiences and volume, have founded Chint Power System’s brand in the field of renewable energy.

The state-of-art newly designed CPS SCA family of Grid-tied PV Inverter features itself with full load high efficiency, high reliability and user-friendly interface. Patented 3-level NPC technology and control algorithm lead 98{9b273df0797a328fd258a0ee4f37808cef2e59ed78610d160190599594d87cd1} efficiency on SCA20/36KTL. A user-friendly installation & interface, professional industrial design, and design-for-reliability mechanism, give the CPS SCA PV Inverter Family a competitive edge for customers from all regions.
Together with CPS, ENGIS are bidding small, medium and large Solar plants, enjoying CPS positive presence in the global market, strong bankability and good will to join us for any project around the globe.

Inverter Specifications

String Inverters

For 14/20KW string inverters specification, Press here

For 20KW to 36KW string inverter, Press here

For 36KW string Inverter, Press here

Central Inverters

For Central Inverter 500 KW, Press here

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