HV Circuit Breaker and Disconnector

ENGIS supplies SF6 HV Circuit Breaker and Disconnectors from 40.5 KV to 252 KV. We are the known HV Circuit Breaker Supplier in Israel.

Along with MV Vacuum Circuit Breakers from 12KV to 40.5 KV and with MV Earthing Switch and Load Break switch – ENGIS will supply to you all range of break series needed in your substation and power station.

All equipment is recognized by Israel Electric Corporation. Moreover, our circuit breaker offers excellent performance and is completely free from defects. It is checked against varied quality parameters before delivering to the clients.

LW43-252 SF6 Circuit Breaker General Specification

Application: For control and protection 220 kV power system.
Standards: IEC 62271-100

Parameters: Rated voltage: 252kV.
Rated current: 4000A.
Rated short-circuit breaking current: 50kA.

Features: 1. High breaking capacity.
2. Reliable insulation performance.
3. Low noise, without leakage of oil and gas.
4. Easy installation and adjustment. Less maintenance.
5. Long service life.

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KEMA certification

HV Circuit Breaker and Disconnector