EMI service for the largest Power Plants in Israel

EMI, Electro-magnetic Interference technology is used to detect early recognition of insulation degradation, predictive maintenance. Identify potential problems previously unknown.

  • Input for condition-based and reliability centred maintena
  • Prevent in-service failures
  • Optimize reinvestments in plant and equipment.


ENGIS is proud to become the first company who provides EMI service in Israel. Together with Doble’sexpertise , we serve largest companies in the Israeli generation market and other heavy industries.

The EMI method became a must-have tool for our customers who understand the importance of “fingerprint” and “trend” for their most strategic assets in the system. Our customers were surprised we could found a week bolt in the exciter or bad insulation of their busbars. This saved their generators performance and saved a lot of money and unpredicted failures.

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